The Private Client Solicitors Section committee has great plans for the year ahead

Sarah Murphy

As I write this commentary for the February edition of PS we are already well into 2023. Christmas is a distant memory and the unofficial permitted time for wishing happy new year has already passed. Here’s to 2023 as we look forward to the trials and tribulations, ups and downs, and highs and lows it will bring.  

Even the sprightliest private client lawyer knows that as we inevitability get older, the speed with which the years pass accelerates, and so I am unsurprised when I see in the supermarket references not only to Valentine’s Day but also to Easter and beyond. This year I have resisted making the usual new year’s resolutions – I never will be a size 10, nor am I likely to win the lottery! My clients however are setting themselves realistic and achievable resolutions – some tell me that they have made a new year resolution to update their wills, make those lasting powers of attorney or finally get a handle on their assets for some structured inheritance tax planning. We are a crucial part of that journey for our clients, and this year, just as previous years, we will all continue to take that path together, building upon our knowledge, our skills and experience.  

The Private Client Section committee has great plans for 2023 and I hope to see you during the year at one of our section events, including the annual conference in the summer. 

The committee recently saw Gareth Marland and Alberto Perez Cedillo come to the end of their allotted tenure. Since joining the committee both Gareth and Alberto have made huge contributions to the work undertaken on behalf of the Private Client Section members, including numerous events, articles, seminars and blogs. Their commitment to members and their technical expertise were highly valued by the committee, and they made many long-term friendships during their tenure which will continue. 

Gareth and Alberto’s voices, opinions and advice are always welcome, and we are delighted that they still have the opportunity to make a contribution to the work of the Private Client Section.  

As one door closes another opens, and I am very much looking forward to meeting those candidates who have put themselves forward for selection to the committee this year. I am delighted that we have received such a response to our application process and I am looking forward to interviewing some of those candidates shortly. 

So this year, no resolutions to look younger or run a marathon but simply just carry on doing what we are doing and continue to provide a useful, practical and valued service to you, our members. I do genuinely look forward to seeing you and if you do spot me at any of the events, please don’t hesitate to come and say hello.