Features and Opinion – Page 5

  • bright future 140x96

    A bright future


    A range of challenges face partners looking to plan effectively for their retirement in the current volatile marketplace. Mark Waddilove looks at the options, and which to choose at different stages of your retirement planning

  • networking 1000

    Better together


    Networking, both internally and externally, is often dreaded by legal professionals. But if you do it effectively, you and your firm will reap the rewards, says Anne Waldron

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    You can do it


    Coaching as a business tool continues to grow in popularity. Louise Palmer explains how it can be used effectively in managing lawyers, and provides a number of practical techniques to help you develop a successful coaching relationship

  • office space

    Moving with the times


    Lucy Trevelyan looks at recent trends in the use of office space in law firms and beyond – including agile working, shoring and activity-based working – and examines the drivers for change, plus the benefits and possible pitfalls

  • christina blacklaws 1000x1000

    Ringing the changes


    In conversation with Elizabeth Noone , Christina Blacklaws  reflects on her new role as deputy vice president of the Law Society, and discusses effective leadership and pressing issues for the profession

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    Five business development options that don’t involve networking


    A lawyer’s career hinges on their ability to win work. Douglas McPherson suggests five alternative options for those that don’t like formal networking

  • megaphone-black

    The importance of effective internal communication


    Effective internal communication will reap dividends over time. Rachel Brushfield explains the role it plays in building employee engagement.

  • Nicola Jones

    The final countdown


    The changes to continuing professional development will be mandatory from 1 November 2016. Nicola Jones and Jane Green-Armytage look at how firms are responding, and the pros and cons of adapting the old regime versus embracing a competency-based approach

  • Sally Azarmi

    Running for my life


    Sally Azarmi began training for the London Marathon last year, despite never having run competitively before, and having a painful condition in one leg. And the training taught her more about running her law firm than she ever could have expected

  • barry vitou 140x96

    A gentle nudge


    Why don’t most compliance programmes work in practice? Because the traditional theory on which they are based doesn’t take into account how people really behave. Barry Vitou looks at what we can learn from a more recent approach: nudge theory

  • darryl cooke 140x96

    Gunning for success


    With a distinguished career as a law firm partner behind him, Darryl Cooke co-founded a law firm, gunnercooke, on an innovative new model. He explains to Duncan Wood how the firm is challenging the way that legal services are delivered 

  • joanne hunter 140x96

    The test of time


    Joanne Hunter outlines how making three small changes to how your fee-earners value, manage and record their time could make your firm more than £111,000 extra per year for every one of your fee-earners

  • mindfulness graphic 1000x1000

    Piece of mind


    One simple technique can help lawyers with everything from stress to client care, time management to leadership: mindfulness. Martin Stepek , in conversation with Peter Nicholson , explains how it works, and how he has implemented it in his firm.

  • ian hopkins 140x96

    The march of progress


    Recruiting and retaining the best lawyers and identifying the partners of tomorrow is vital for all legal businesses. Ian Hopkins describes how he approached the issue when he took on the chief executive role in an established firm

  • keys

    Creating a ‘great place to work’: the key to talent attraction and retention


    Creating ‘a great place to work’ is a key element of talent attraction and retention. Julie Harrison explains the challenges and provides a taster of her session at the LMS annual conference on 27 April

  • jigsaw with a missing piece

    Managing absence in law firms


    Joanne Perry explains the main causes of absence and provides a taster of her session at the LMS HR forum on 16 March

  • horseshoe magnet

    How to attract and retain the best talent for your firm


    Deborah Gray explains where firms go wrong in recruitment and provides a taster of her session at the LMS HR forum on 16 March

  • richard spector 1000x1000

    Come back fighting


    Five years ago, ELS Legal was hit by scandal: one of its partners had defrauded a client of millions of pounds. Partner Richard Spector talks to Duncan Wood about the firm’s comeback, and how it has innovated to succeed.

  • generation game 1000x1000

    The generation game


    Today’s law firms have up to five different generations in their workplace, each with its own values, motivations, needs and wants. And traditional law firm management needs to change to accommodate a multigenerational workforce, says Rachel Brushfield

  • Paul Bennett

    Supervise for success


    As part of our series of articles for small firms, Paul Bennett looks at the challenges of staff supervision and the benefits of getting it right, and offers some practical tips for effective supervision.