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Risk and Compliance Service

About the Risk and Compliance Service

The Risk and Compliance Service was established in 2008 to help legal practitioners stay up-to-date with all the regulatory obligations affecting them. Since then we have enhanced our membership service to keep you and your staff up-to-date with relevant news and features, including:

  • New website content
  • Monthly e-newsletters
  • Four topical and inclusive webinars and
  • Discounts on seminars, conferences and books.

The Risk and Compliance Advisory Service can provide you with more tailored advice, bespoke support and training, relevant to your firm and delivered face-to-face by one of our expert risk and compliance advisors.

We offer a highly trusted source of information and expertise and work with you to understand your current risk profile and to ensure you have what you need to implement any required mitigating measures.


Our aim is to provide our members you with relevant information and valuable tailored advice across a range of regulatory challenges including:

  • anti-money laundering,
  • business continuity,
  • client care and complaints handling,
  • continuing competence,
  • cyber security,
  • data protection,
  • outcomes-focused regulation,
  • PI insurance, and
  • compliance with the SRA Handbook.

Keeping up with your compliance obligations and safeguarding your business is crucial in the face of ongoing changes to the legal regulatory landscape.

Who we are

Pearl Moses is head of Risk and Compliance at the Law Society. She is a solicitor with over 12 years’ experience in private practice, legal publishing and regulatory compliance issues. Pearl and her advisory team specialise in creating tailored compliance solutions and interventions to help firms and in-house legal teams embed sound risk management principles and best practice.

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Benefits of Membership*

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  • A monthly Risk and Compliance e-newsletter, dealing with the latest regulatory and compliance issues
  • Access to the Law Society’s 'Safe Harbour' initiative, providing written guidance to compliance officers on the materiality of a breach
  • Access to four free webinars

As well as:

  • 20 per cent discount on subscriptions to the Legal Compliance Bulletin
  • 20 per cent discount on relevant Law Society publications

* See Service terms and conditions

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