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ID, AML and Fraud

Pearl Moses

New podcast on AML for conveyancers

17 January 2018

In a new podcast for the Risk and Compliance Service, Pearl Moses and Peter Rodd discuss the implications of the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 for conveyancing and property practitioners

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Joint advice issued to help solicitors beat property fraud

8 September 2017

New advice for conveyancing solicitors, developed jointly by the Law Society and Land Registry, will help solicitors spot and avoid ever-evolving threats of fraud


HMRC launches new fraud hotline to simplify fraud reporting process

10 April 2017

On 4 April, HM Revenue & Customs launched the HMRC Fraud Hotline, a new service designed to simplify the fraud reporting process. The new telephone number and new online form will replace two separate tax evasion and customs hotlines


New Law Society advice on protection against scams

16 February 2016

Law Society launches new webpage dedicated to helping firms protect themselves against being scammed and providing them with help and support if they have fallen victim to scamsters

cyber security

Land Registry issues warning over phishing emails

17 November 2015Updated: 27 November 2015

Land Registry has warned that some customers, including solicitors, have recently received fake or ‘phishing’ emails claiming to be requisitions or replies to requisitions from Land Registry

suitcase of money

Intelligence shortcomings make AML report findings misleading

15 October 2015Updated: 21 October 2015

Anti-money laundering supervisors across the UK legal sector have warned that a new report published by the Home Office and HM Treasury on the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing lacks balance and, by its own admission, is not backed up by robust intelligence

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Law Society updates mortgage fraud practice note

16 September 2014

On 31 July, the Law Society issued an updated practice note on mortgage fraud, to highlight new criminal methodologies. Practice notes are available online, free of charge

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The biggest cyber-threat of all: Friday afternoon fraud

6 November 2017

‘Friday afternoon fraud’, the practice by which law firms are tricked into giving bank details to fraudsters, usually as conveyancing transactions are being completed, is now the biggest cybercrime afflicting the legal sector. Using a real-life case study, Oz Alashe, CEO & founder of Cybsafe, illustrates the real risks, both financial and reputational, that Friday afternoon fraud can wreak on your firm, and ...

Warren Gordon

Sign of the timesSubscription

9 June 2017By

Warren Gordon looks at new Land Registry proposals to roll out the use of electronic signatures for registrable documents, and the potential implications for security and fraud in conveyancing transactions

man stealing building

Fighting words

9 June 2017By

The ripples are still being felt from the recent cases of Purrunsing, P&P and Dreamvar. How are law firms responding, especially in the current limbo before the P&P and Dreamvar appeals? Maria Shahid investigates

Alex Ktorides

Direct hitSubscription

9 June 2017By

The fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive will be transposed into law in England and Wales on 26 June. But, Alex Ktorides cautions, property practitioners may still not be aware of the potentially significant effect of the directive on their work

mortgage fraud scrabble letters

Mortgage fraud: spotting the warning signs

11 May 2017By

Peter Rodd has been leading our series of fraud and cybersecurity seminars taking place until the end of June. Here, he shares a real-life example of mortgage fraud and the warning signs that the conveyancer failed to spot.

Peter Rodd

Hard times

7 March 2017By

In recent years, the role of the conveyancer has expanded significantly, particularly around searches, while fees have dropped radically, argues Peter Rodd. But does the solution lie in the hands of the profession itself?

Graham Murphy

Cautionary tales

7 March 2017By

Every day in this country, conveyancing firms face attempted attacks from cybercriminals. Graham Murphy offers some real-life tales of successful cybercrime, and looks at what those involved could have done to protect themselves

Peter Rodd

Be prepared

7 March 2017By

The Property Section will be running a series of seminars on fraud and cybercrime this spring. Peter Rodd looks at the challenges facing conveyancers, and the steps you need to take to protect yourself now and in the future

peter irvine

Foreign connectionSubscription

12 December 2016By

Peter Irvine looks at the potential hazards faced by solicitors dealing with conveyancing transactions with a foreign element, including where payments come from a third party, and how to minimise the risks

Warren Gordon

Warning signsSubscription

7 September 2016By

The High Court decision in Purrunsing v A’Court & Co is an important judgment on the liability of a seller’s solicitor and buyer’s solicitor where the buyer is the victim of a fraudulent seller. Warren Gordon explains

Mark Carver from Chancery Pii

Playing it safeSubscription

3 December 2015By

Conveyancing continues to generate a significant number of professional indemnity insurance claims. Mark Carver looks at the reasons why, and the steps firms can take to mitigate their risk exposure

Richard Hill

Standing guardSubscription

3 December 2015By

As part of our focus on fraud, Richard Hill looks at the challenges facing Land Registry, and the protections available to registered proprietors to guard against registration fraud

Peter Rodd, Property Section chair

One step aheadSubscription

3 December 2015By

In the first article of our series focusing on fraud, Peter Rodd provides a practitioner’s perspective on fraud in residential conveyancing and practical steps to mitigate the risk.

Amy Bell

Chinks in the armour

2 September 2015By

With over a third of all professional negligence claims emanating from conveyancing, and insurance costs rising, effective risk management is crucial. Amy Bell provides an overview of some of the common causes of claims, and offers strategies to mitigate them

Paul Philip

Taking careSubscription

16 September 2014By

Paul Philip will be giving the keynote plenary speech at the National Property Law Conference in October. Here, he outlines some of the findings from the SRA’s 2014 Risk Outlook and gives the SRA’s perspective on where firms need to be extra vigilant

Steve Ray

Safe as housesSubscription

10 June 2014Updated: 2 September 2014By

Conveyancing has traditionally been considered a high-risk area for complaints and insurance claims from both clients and lenders. Steve Ray explains how conveyancing firms can allay these concerns for the insurers and get the best out of this year’s renewal process

Peter Rodd

Timely remindersSubscription

10 June 2014Updated: 2 September 2014By

Peter Rodd comments on risk in conveyancing transactions

Peter Rodd, Property Section chair

Risky business Subscription

11 March 2014Updated: 5 September 2014By

With the sobering news in January that 136 firms have folded, having failed to obtain professional indemnity insurance, Peter Rodd explains how firms could better manage risk to avoid becoming another statistic.

A run for your money image

A run for your moneySubscription

11 September 2013Updated: 21 September 2014By

Solicitors’ involvement in property fraud may be very small, but they remain an attractive target for fraudsters, with potentially dire consequences for both them and their firms. Grania Langdon-Down looks at what solicitors can do to protect themselves

Alison Clair

Money from homeSubscription

12 June 2013Updated: 22 September 2014By

Alison Clair looks at property fraud, particularly where the property is retained, how mortgage lenders are combating it, and how solicitors and mortgage lenders can work together to stamp it out

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