July 2021

MfS magazine cover - July 2021


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Embracing equality


Paul Bennett looks to the future of the profession, in a post-pandemic world, and asks firm leaders to consider what part you can play in achieving equality and inclusion for all


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Culture club


Deqa Jama explores the cultural competence framework – what it is, how to become culturally competent and why it should be a vital part of your approach to client care

Keep the customer happy


In a time of increased competition and dynamic changes to the delivery of legal services, Diana Bentley explains how law firms must assess what clients want and how to deliver it


Untapped talent


Arwen Makin looks at how firms can make neurodivergent candidates feel valued at the recruitment stage and how to avoid stigma and negative stereotyping during their careers


Hard times


Jenny Screech offers some practical tips to help ensure your PII renewal process is as smooth as possible this year


Skin deep


Convincing clients or potential recruits that your firm has strong diversity credentials is more than just jazzing up your website. A commitment to diversity must be embedded within a firm’s culture, says Sue Bramall


Keep on moving


Whitney Joseph examines what law firm leaders can do to positively contribute towards social mobility in the legal profession

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Safe space


Advita Patel discusses what law firm leaders can do to utilise their internal communication and employee engagement activities to help create inclusive workplaces


Generation game


Andre Thomas explains what firms should be doing to tackle the challenges that can arise when trying to attract, and retain, talent from multiple generations


All inclusive

By and

Thom Dennis and Joanne Lockwood explain what law firms can do to support the inclusion of transgender and non-binary employees


The right blend


Pearl Moses examines how to update your policies to fit flexible and hybrid working, as staff return to the office post-pandemic


Gap analysis


Raphael Mokades addresses the ‘ethnicity stay gap’ – what it is, why it exists, and what can your firm do to close it

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