January 2024

MFS magazine cover – January 2024


Paul Bennett headshot

New beginnings


Paul Bennett sets out how law firms may take advantage of an upturn in the economy and how managers can showcase their skills


Sally Jones headshot

Calm after the storm

By and

Douglas Russell and Sally Jones, at Law Society partner Armstrong Watson, give their advice on how to navigate the best course to more stable economic times for your firm and clients

Sue Bramall (cropped)

In safe hands


Sue Bramall outlines a three-step process for protecting your digital assets

Merger graphic (cropped)

The perfect fit


Victoria Moffatt discusses mergers and acquisitions with a variety of firms

Chris Marston headshot

Better times ahead?


Are there better times ahead for professional indemnity insurance? Chris Marston, chief executive of LawNet, explains why he thinks this is likely

Training graphic (cropped)

Training ground


Is a new era of training and supervision under way in the legal sector? Diana Bentley investigates

Emma Egerton-Jones headshot

Winning formula


How can you win clients in a cost-sensitive economy? Emma Egerton-Jones investigates

Joan Scott headshot

Eye on the prize


Joan Scott speaks to Dan Gilbert about the challenges she has faced in her career, and how she set up a staff network from scratch

Partner influence graphic (cropped)

Becoming an influencer


Michelle Howard shares the three phrases that will help you demonstrate your value and gain partner influence

Anna Hart headshot

Banking on success


Anna Hart, head of legal for the Bank of China’s operations in the UK, describes the transition to working in-house she made five years ago, and why she is all the happier for it

Copyright graphic (cropped)

Making a mark


Tim Newsome gives a brief overview of how trademarks work and how they can apply to various features of the web

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