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Law Society responds to DCLG home buying consultation

20 December 2017

We believe that improvements can and should be made to the existing process to make it more efficient to all parties involved

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New boundary disputes podcast

30 November 2017

The Law Society has launched a new podcast looking at the need to construe the conveyance or transfer creating a boundary and how extrinsic evidence can be used in determining boundary position

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Tell us about your experiences of panel management

23 November 2017

The Law Society has released a survey asking conveyancers for their experiences of interacting with organisations that provide conveyancing panel management services

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DCLG publishes call for evidence on the home buying and selling process

31 October 2017

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) call for evidence seeks views on ‘how to make the process of home buying and selling cheaper, faster and less stressful’

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Land Registry moves closer to e-conveyancing, Law Society responds

21 February 2017

Solicitors could no longer be asked to witness signatures on Land Registry forms if proposals for electronic signatures are adopted.

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New manifesto for homebuying reform

22 November 2016

Streamlining money laundering rules, leasehold reform and a big push towards electronic conveyancing are identified as priorities in a manifesto from conveyancers to improve the homebuying process in England and Wales.

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Help to Buy ISAs reminder - How to apply bonus funds

14 September 2016

Following press coverage of issues relating to Help to Buy ISA bonuses, we remind you of the Help to Buy ISA scheme requirements in relation to bonuses.


HMRC consults on SDLT payments process

24 August 2016

HMRC is proposing to cut the stamp duty land tax payment window from 30 days to 14 days, and merge the filing and payment systems into one

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get your house in order390234

Put your house in order

11 January 2018By

In a volatile market, it may be hard to find time to address practice management, but, says Peter Rodd, you can’t afford not to. Are you eally working as efficiently and profitably as you can be? And if not, what can you do about it?

take care 390x234

Take careSubscription

5 December 2017By

Do you know what extra steps you need to take when acting for a client who lacks mental capacity? Stephen Desmond looks at the case law and the lessons it holds for conveyancers


The biggest cyber-threat of all: Friday afternoon fraud

6 November 2017

‘Friday afternoon fraud’, the practice by which law firms are tricked into giving bank details to fraudsters, usually as conveyancing transactions are being completed, is now the biggest cybercrime afflicting the legal sector. Using a real-life case study, Oz Alashe, CEO & founder of Cybsafe, illustrates the real risks, both financial and reputational, that Friday afternoon fraud can wreak on your firm, and ...

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FAQ: What is the Property Alert Service and what protection could it offer to clients?

9 October 2017

The Law Society’s Practice Advice Service answers a query relating to the Land Registry’s Property Alert Service. 

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Above waterSubscription

6 September 2017By

Flood Re has been in force for over a year, but it isn’t a panacea: many properties are excluded, and premiums will continue to rise even for those included. Sue Highmore outlines when, how and what you should advise clients around flood risk

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In the family

6 September 2017Updated: 6 September 2017By , ,

The ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is now one of the top 10 mortgage lenders. So how should you advise clients receiving funds from family, and when should you advise them to consult a family lawyer? Jo Edwards , Jamie Gaw and Anna Jassani explain.

peter farrington

Private eyes

11 August 2017

Peter Farrington, vice president of the Association of British Investigators, explains how private investigators can be a valuable asset for a solicitor dealing with possession proceedings, and gives some tips on building an effective working relationship.

buy property

FAQ: Options to buy or purchase property (commercial and residential): sources of precedents

3 August 2017

The Law Society Library provides details of sources of precedents for options to buy or purchase property (commercial and residential).

Noel Hunter

Strong foundationsSubscription

9 June 2017By

A new version of the Consumer Code for Home Builders was released in April. Noel Hunter explains how the code works, and how it applies to both home builders and homebuyers

lawrence heller

Buyers beware?Subscription

9 June 2017By

Consumer protection regulations which came into force in 2008 have gone largely unnoticed by conveyancers, but they could have a major implication: the overriding of caveat emptor in transactions where the buyer is a consumer. Lawrence Heller explains

mortgage fraud scrabble letters

Mortgage fraud: spotting the warning signs

11 May 2017By

Peter Rodd has been leading our series of fraud and cybersecurity seminars taking place until the end of June. Here, he shares a real-life example of mortgage fraud and the warning signs that the conveyancer failed to spot.

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New horizonsSubscription

7 March 2017By

Philip Giles explains how private client, property and family departments can best work together when advising cohabitees, highlighting the risks and opportunities involved

Philip Grisewood

On the markSubscription

7 March 2017By

Philip Grisewood of NHBC introduces the Conveyancing Portal, a new system giving conveyancers access to Buildmark cover information and associated documentation, and designed to improve efficiency while ensuring due diligence is carried out

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Checks and balancesSubscription

12 December 2016By ,

Upcoming tax changes may lead more private property investors to incorporate. Susan Winter and Tony Lake look at the pros and cons of each structure, and what conveyancers need to know when acting for a corporate client as a property investor

sarah dwight 140x96

Counting the cost Subscription

12 December 2016By

Clients purchasing leasehold property may not realise how expensive the process can be, with the range and proliferation of fees payable to managing agents and leaseholders. Sarah Dwight outlines the problem and the role of the conveyancer

ship and light house

Sailing through

7 September 2016By

The Conveyancing Protocol has been in place for over five years, but there are still common areas of non-compliance on both sides of transactions. Sarah Dwight outlines these areas, and the steps solicitors should take

A rusty padlock

Law Society responds to Land Registry privatisation plans

8 July 2016

Mounting concern over government plans to privatise Land Registry has prompted the Law Society to say it hopes the government will reach a sensible decision over what is a ’vital piece of national infrastructure’

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The line of duty

2 June 2016By

The new higher stamp duty land tax rate for additional properties came into effect on 1 April 2016. Nigel Popplewell outlines how the changes apply to purchasers of residential property

nick gurney champion

Homing in on fraud

2 June 2016By

Nicholas Gurney-Champion considers a recent Treasury paper that outlines wide-ranging modernisation plans for the home-buying process, and a High Court judgment that found conveyancers on both sides of a property transaction liable to a defrauded buyer

thom wilkinson 140x96

Breathing roomSubscription

2 June 2016By

As of 20 June 2016, the deadline for telegraphic transfers of funds – also known as CHAPs payments – will be extended by one hour and 40 minutes. Thom Wilkinson explains the implications of the change for practitioners

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