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Planning and Environment

green factory

New guidance on minimum energy efficiency standards for non-domestic property

16 March 2017By

In February, the government released new guidance on the operation of the regulations behind the minimum energy efficiency standards for non-domestic property, coming into force in April 2018. Warren Gordon outlines the key points of the guidance

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Land Registry moves closer to e-conveyancing, Law Society responds

21 February 2017

Solicitors could no longer be asked to witness signatures on Land Registry forms if proposals for electronic signatures are adopted.

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CON29DW searches updated

21 July 2016

The Law Society’s CON29DW form has been updated working in consultation with the Drainage and Water Searches Network (DWSN). Release of the modified form coincides with the implementation of updated CON29 and CON29O forms

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CON 29 guidance notes published

28 June 2016

The CON 29 guidance notes have been published. These accompany the updated CON 29 forms that have to be used from 4 July 2016

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CON29 and CON29O enquiries update

17 May 2016

The Law Society’s revised CON29 and CON29O forms have been updated to include community infrastructure levies (CIL), assets of community value and to reflect other legislative changes

unfinished timber building

Planning application processing could be outsourced to law firms

4 May 2016

The Law Society’s planning and environmental law committee has joined forces with the City of London Law Society to respond the DCLG’s technical consultation on the planning elements of the Housing and Planning Bill

Flood sign

Flood Re to come into force on 4 April

24 March 2016Updated: 6 April 2016

Flood Re, a new scheme designed jointly by government and insurers that intends to provide people living in flood-prone areas with lower insurance premiums, will come into effect on 4 April 2016


Proposed changes to national planning policy - Law Society response

4 March 2016Updated: 15 March 2016

The Law Society’s Planning and Environmental Law Committee recently responded to the government’s consultation on proposed changes to national planning policy

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anna russell knee 140x96

The green lightSubscription

8 September 2017By

 The government has recently introduced a number of amendments affecting permitted development rights. Anna Russell-Knee outlines the changes

houses on stilts in the sea

Above waterSubscription

6 September 2017By

Flood Re has been in force for over a year, but it isn’t a panacea: many properties are excluded, and premiums will continue to rise even for those included. Sue Highmore outlines when, how and what you should advise clients around flood risk

green lights house

Stormy weatherSubscription

7 March 2017By

Most property solicitors are not specialists in environmental law, but are increasingly finding that environmental issues impact on transactions. Andrew Wiseman outlines some of the most common environmental issues affecting property transactions

trees in a line

Hidden agendaSubscription

12 December 2016By

Concealed development first made headlines in 2011, when Robert Fidler built a mansion and hid it behind a wall of hay bales. Anna Russell outlines the current law around permission for development, including where there is concealment or deception

bus being driven

Right away

7 September 2016By

Matthew White examines the new power to override easements and other rights under section 203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016

Lucie-Anne Rhodes

Case in pointSubscription

7 September 2016By ,

Faiza Ahmad and Lucie-Anne Rhodes provide an update on some recent cases and changes to legislation affecting the property sector

A rusty padlock

Law Society responds to Land Registry privatisation plans

8 July 2016

Mounting concern over government plans to privatise Land Registry has prompted the Law Society to say it hopes the government will reach a sensible decision over what is a ’vital piece of national infrastructure’

claire elaine arthurs 140x96

Low on energySubscription

2 June 2016By

From 2018, new regulations will restrict the letting of commercial properties with an energy efficiency rating below E. Claire-Elaine Arthurs outlines what actions landlords and tenants should take now

russell hewitson 140x96

Rain checkSubscription

8 March 2016By

The long-awaited Flood Re scheme is now planned to come into force next month. Russell Hewitson outlines how the scheme will work, what properties are eligible, and how to advise clients living in flood-risk areas

ireland map

Northern exposureSubscription

3 December 2015By

As part of our series on property law in other jurisdictions, Gilbert Nesbitt outlines the residential conveyancing process in Northern Ireland, including its dual land registration systems, and the regulatory landscape

Welsh property

Good neighboursSubscription

2 September 2015By , ,

Property lawyers in England may find themselves acting in transactions involving property in Wales, but with the law increasingly diverging, what changes do they need to know about? Huw Williams, Andrew Evans and Andrea Planchant explain

Party politics

Party politicsSubscription

3 June 2015By

Matthew Hearsum provides a back-to-basics guide for residential conveyancers to the Party Wall Act, including steps in relation to party walls that should be taken when acting for buyers


Build me up

3 June 2015By

Stephen Desmond provides an overview of the most common issues and pitfalls residential conveyancers may face in relation to building regulations

Daniel Pike

Round the housesSubscription

3 June 2015By

Housing and house-building were key battlegrounds in the recent election. Daniel Pike outlines the parties’ various pledges, what changes we might see under the new government, and the role the state has to play in effective and affordable housing supply

high water

Water line

3 March 2015By

The new Flood Re scheme, covering insurance for properties at risk of flooding, is expected to come into force in July. Jo Morgan looks at recent developments to the scheme, and outlines practice points for practitioners

Robert Moulsdale

In developmentSubscription

9 December 2014

Robert Moulsdale reviews the second edition of the Law Society’s book on the acquisition of land for property development

Making Way image

Making waySubscription

16 September 2014By

With the economy seemingly on the rise, and the government pushing forward with its plans for HS2, compulsory purchase schemes are back in the spotlight. Richard Flenley guides us through the process

Green and pleasant land illustration

Green and pleasant land?Subscription

10 June 2014Updated: 2 September 2014By

The high-profile case of the undercroft on London’s South Bank has highlighted the continuing issues around town and village greens. Antonia Murillo explains the law and practice, and how solicitors should advise landowners wanting to develop unused land

Karin Horsley

Energy barSubscription

10 June 2014Updated: 2 September 2014By ,

Prospective legislation in the Energy Act 2011 could mean that from April 2018 landlords cannot let environmentally inefficient properties. Karin Horsley and Joanne Anderton outline the steps to take now


After the flood

10 June 2014Updated: 2 September 2014By

Insurance for properties at risk of flooding has been uncertain since the end of the ‘Statement of Principles’ last year. The new ‘Flood Re’ arrangement seems to offer light at the end of the tunnel, but, asks Jo Morgan , will it be fit for purpose? 

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