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Every month for the Property Section e-newsletter, leading current awareness expert Peter Reekie analyses the most important cases, legislation and practice updates and provides a concise summary of the issues in practice

Manhole cover

Line of duty: do landlords have a duty to inspect for property defects?

21 May 2019By

Jennifer Meech comments on a case that may impact how landlords carry out routine property inspections (Rogerson v Bolsover District Council [2019] EWCA Civ 226).

brexit consequences

Brexit: a continuing cause of frustration?Subscription

20 March 2019By

Kate Andrews comments on a case where the court refused a claim that Brexit would frustrate an organisation’s 25-year lease.

Digger on construction site 390x234

Restrictive covenants: breach now – apply later?

31 January 2019By

Jennifer Meech comments on an appeal case where the developer waited until after construction was finished to apply for a restrictive covenant to be discharged.

Swimming pool

Take it easy: what qualifies as an easement?Subscription

11 December 2018By

 Kate Andrews considers how the Supreme Court has expanded the law of easements in relation to leisure and amusement in a recent appeal decision.


Wild west partnerships: who owns what?

1 October 2018By

Jennifer Meech looks at the case of Wild v Wild [2018] EWHC 2197 (Ch) to help unravel ownership when profits are shared but property is not.

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