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Managing risk in property transactions

31 October 2017

The SRA has warned that conveyancing fraud ‘can see people lose their life savings’. It has warned that firms should make sure  their clients are aware of the risks.

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Stamp Duty Land Tax on commercial property

13 October 2017

This webinar provides essential guidance if you advise and assist clients on the purchase of commercial property and you want a better understanding of the Stamp Duty Land Tax rules.

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Do boundary disputes have to be “painful”? (27 October)

29 September 2017

This webinar will provide a practical approach focussing on early and cost effective resolution of disputes as well as guidance on understanding what is shown on plans and their significance. 


Webinar: Stamp duty land tax on residential property (20 September 2017)

3 August 2017

Learn about the recent changes to the SDLT regime for residential property. Inclusive of Property Section membership.

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Residential property law update 2017 (15 June 2017)

19 June 2017

Inclusive to Property Section members, this webinar concentrates on changes over the past year. Practical and relevant for any members doing day-to-day residential conveyancing work.

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Lease extensions: What to advise your clients (18 April 2017)

10 March 2017

This webinar will provide you with best practice for advising clients and their lenders, at the time of purchase and remortgage, on whether to consider a lease extension.

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Covenants and easements 2017 (14 March 2017)

24 February 2017

This webinar will examine the important area of covenants and easements that cause many practical problems for conveyancers. As well as considering key elements of the current law, the webinar will also look at the Law Commission’s proposals for reform.

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Environmental law for conveyancers: a practical guide to managing risk (4 October 2016)

19 September 2016

This webinar will provide a practical understanding of issues around environmental law as it relates to residential and commercial property transactions. 

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