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  • social media keyboard

    Policing online content – Who’s responsible?

    8 March 2018 By Olivier Roth

    It is just over 500 years ago that Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. Few at the time could have predicted that this would eventually lead to 150 years of religious wars, the creation of the Church of England, and the accession of women to the clergy. This is testament to the power of ideas, of course, but also to the technology that enables their dissemination: Luther’s ideas altered the course of history, but none of ...

  • human rights

    Who wouldn’t trade a little privacy for a lot of security?

    20 December 2017 By Olivier Roth

    Olivier Roth discusses whether we have traded our privacy for technology and the role which government and private companies play in shaping this debate.

  • fight against modern slavery

    Solicitors and the fight against modern slavery

    20 November 2017 By Olivier Roth

    Olivier Roth discusses how solicitors can help businesses produce effective Section 54 statements as part of their obligations under the Modern Slavery Act.