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    Line of defence


    Cybercriminals often target what they see as the weakest point in a law firm’s security: its people. But, argues Robert Rutherford, your people can be your greatest strength if they are trained to recognise, block and report suspicious activity

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    Live and learn


    The continuing competence regime has now been compulsory for just over two months. Diana Bentley talks to the regulator, firms and industry experts about how the change is being implemented in practice

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    Cover me


    Hans Allnutt and Helen Nuttall explore the risks faced by legal professionals in the ‘cyber age’, and look at the available indemnities under traditional professional indemnity insurance policies and specialist cyber-policies

  • stuart poole robb

    Faking it


    ‘Fakery’, a form of cyber-fraud based on social engineering, is on the rise, but isn’t covered by cyber-insurance. Stuart Poole-Robb explains why law firms need to have a conversation now with their insurer to mitigate the risks if they fall victim.

  • cyber security

    The 007 approach to cyber-attack


    Law firms have now largely woken up to the dangers of cybercrime, but even firms that have done their utmost to secure their IT systems are vulnerable to a new threat, explains Stuart Poole-Robb

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    Much obliged


    Outcomes-focused regulation was intended to offer firms greater flexibility, but many now cite compliance obligations as a significant burden. Leading commentators and practitioners talk to Lucy Trevelyan about trends in regulation, and offer their top tips for effective compliance.

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    Why 2015 was the tipping point for cybersecurity


    Paul Gribbon explains why 2015 was a watershed year for cybersecurity 

  • Takingnames

    Taking names


    Identity theft – especially the creation by cybercriminals of bogus firms – is one the biggest risks facing law firms today. But there are some simple steps you can take to mitigate the risk. Rhonda Treacy-Hales explains

  • files

    Tips for effective file management and minimising risk exposure


    Mark Carver provides his top tips for managing client files and minimising risk exposure

  • Francis dingwall

    A tangled web


    It has been said that there are two types of firms: those that know they have been attacked by cybercriminals, and those that don’t yet know. Francis Dingwall looks at how to prevent attacks, and how to mitigate them when they do happen

  • Tracey Calvert

    Listen up


    In the second of an occasional series on the business benefits of effective compliance, Tracey Calvert looks at how good complaints-handling can help you make continuous improvements to your business, and how you can achieve this in practice

  • Under cover

    Under cover


    After a year when much-heralded proposals to reform the professional indemnity insurance market flared briefly before being snuffed out, will 2015 see any significant changes in the renewal process? Grania Langdon-Down reports

  • Insure enough

    Insure enough


    The decision by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to reduce the minimum compulsory cover for professional indemnity insurance has sent shockwaves through the profession. Frank Maher explains the change and what firms need to do

  • Ray O'Connor

    Talking points


    In the second of a series on the risks of using social media in law firms, Ray O’Connor looks at how to mitigate risk in order to reap the benefits of social media for your firm, your people and your clients

  • Patricia Wheatley Burt

    Back to Basics: Exit strategies


    Mergers, acquisitions and law firm closures are at unprecedented levels, given the strategic changes that have taken and continue to take place in the legal industry. So, what steps should you take if you’re considering winding up your law firm?

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    Careless talk


    Social media is now a key communications and marketing channel for most law 
firms, but not all of them anticipate or seek to mitigate the major risks it could pose to their business. Ray O’Connor explains

  • Richard Lane

    Under the microscope


    For the busy manager of a law firm, few things cause more upset than the unwelcome news that the Forensic Investigation Unit is planning to visit. So what should you expect if it happens to you? Richard Lane explains

  • Matt Rhodes

    When disaster strikes


    The threats from natural or man-made disasters and cyber-hacking make IT disaster recovery planning a critical subject for modern law firms. Matt Rhodes looks at some options for protecting your systems and data

  • Steve Ray

    The best policy


    Steve Ray looks at how to secure the best terms at the 2013 professional indemnity insurance renewal, and outlines the changes ahead, including the introduction of staggered renewal dates and the end of the assigned risks pool

  • Managing for Success February 2013 cover image

    Managing for Success February 2013


    This edition features the Financial Benchmarking Survey, ABSs, retirement planning, regulatory change, a business health check, data protection, client care letters, PR, change management, risk management, fees for PI work, and pensions auto-enrolment