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  • alex-heshmaty-600x400

    Lock it up


    Alex Heshmaty discusses what firms should be doing to address cybersecurity threats and protect client data

  • data figures stats

    How law firms can better manage their data

    2021-10-14T13:36:00Z Partner content

    Darren Gower, sales director at Access Legal, shares his tips on how law firms can better manage their data

  • Cyber: person on laptop with eye peering through keyhole behind them

    Under lock and key


    Keeping your software up to date and securing your home router are some of Jo-Anne Wild’s tips for ensuring your data is safe while working from home

  • Adrian Hextall-600x400

    Dream machine


    Adrian Hextall looks at how technology has supported businesses in 2020, and what might lie ahead for technology in professional services

  • Online impressons: laptop screens, some with 'welcome' sign and shop awning, others with loading screens and error messages

    First impressions count


    What makes a strong and effective law firm website? Nick Francis provides a simple guide to assessing your site and identifying areas for improvement, to make sure your site showcases your firm and helps you win clients

  • jld lawtech

    Share your views: Lawtech, ethics and the rule of law


    We’re seeking views on the ethical considerations for solicitors and firms when designing or procuring lawtech solutions.

  • Peter Wright

    All systems go


    The growth of lawtech has been a defining feature of legal services in the last decade, but lockdown has changed technology investment from an option to an essential. Peter Wright asks: has lawtech finally come of age?

  • Brian Welsh - Insight Legal

    Change is the only constant – reimagining your supplier relationships


    As flexibility becomes ever more critical to success, Brian Welsh from Insight Legal looks at how relationships are evolving between law firms and suppliers, especially for legal software contracts

  • Jo-Anne Wild

    Bring out the best


    ‘Bring your own device’ policies can bring real benefits, from increased productivity to costs savings. But there are also risks – and since employees always find ways to make their lives easier, you’re probably already at risk without knowing it. Jo-Anne Wild provides a simple guide for law firms ...

  • Ben Trott

    Search and rescue


    Ben Trott provides a beginner’s guide to search engine optimisation – what it is, how it can help you win new clients, and the pitfalls to watch out for

  • Artificial intelligence - person holding phone with lines connecting to symbols in their head (labelled AI)

    Intelligence briefing


    Nikolas Kairinos provides a personal perspective on why and how artificial intelligence will shape the legal sector’s future

  • Design - person following path made of arrows

    Better by design


    Legal design helps make the law easier to understand for its intended audience. It is also a growing trend, in everything from employment contracts to privacy policies. Emily Allbon and Dr Matthew Terrell look at how it is being used in practice, and how it can help both ...

  • Tim Ryan

    Chain reaction


    We’ve all heard of blockchain. But what is it, how does it work, and why does it matter? Tim Ryan provides a beginner’s guide

  • Frank Maher

    One year on


    It’s been nearly a year since the General Data Protection Regulation came into force. Frank Maher discusses the lessons he has learned since then advising law firms on the legislation

  • Jacob Colton

    The perfect host


    If you’re upgrading, revamping or renewing your website, one key decision you need to make is how and where it should be hosted. Jacob Colton explains the options

  • Data - woman holding a phone connecting to a chain of information blocks

    Information is power


    The idea of being a data-driven business can sound intimidating – something best left to PhD statisticians and data scientists. But monitoring data at your firm doesn’t need to be difficult, and it can bring real benefits. Derek Fitzpatrick explains

  • javid-khan-380x254

    Virtuous cycle


    IT compliance is a challenge for any business, and particularly those in the legal sector. But you can simplify and streamline the process by implementing a continuous compliance culture – and technology can help. Javid Khan explains

  • glasses-in-front-of-coding-screen-on-laptop-380x254

    Should we invest in AI? Priorities and threats to the high street firm


    Joe Reevy offers his personal perspective on why law firms need to keep their focus commercial and to avoid getting distracted by the next big thing.

  • Innovate - hand selecting lightbulb ideas

    Bright ideas


    Clients are demanding innovation from their legal advisers, and not only in relation to technology. So how can law firms develop a culture and process which fosters innovation in an effective way? Alastair Beddow and Ben Kent explain

  • Neil Ford

    Tangled web


    Neil Ford discusses how cybersecurity trends seen in 2017 are likely to develop in 2018, and outlines how you can affordably mitigate the threats your firm faces, while meeting increasingly complex compliance obligations