This month’s round-up of the best practice management comment and features from across the web includes articles on effective email marketing, cash flow management, and cloud-based software for lawyers.

Business development and marketing:

Creating effective email marketing campaigns for law firms - 5 best tips

Top tips for making sure your law firm’s newsletter is effective in capturing the attention of recipients (Moore Legal Technology)


 7 questions that get you work

The questions to ask to find out whether the people you meet are potential clients. (Pennington Hennessy)

Financial management:

Top tips on cash flow management

Top tips on cash flow management for smaller firms (Wesleyan Bank for the Law Society’s Small Firms Division)

Information Technology:

Cloud-based software for lawyers

Overview of legal software developed specifically for the cloud. (Internet Newsletter for Lawyers)

People and leadership:

New e-learning tools and blended learning

Why and how you might introduce a structured blend of training across your practice that includes more affordable and manageable e-learning alongside traditional face-to-face training. (Internet Newsletter for Lawyers)

Regulation and compliance:

Introducing the GDPR

An overview of the new General Data Protection Regulation (Internet Newsletter for Lawyers)