This month’s round-up of best practice management comment, features, and news from across the web includes articles on technological innovation in law firms, how to grow your client base, and the language used when talking about mental health.

Innovation and technology 

Collaboration for CoLin: online courts hackathon for Law Society and Wavelength Law 

Insights from this year’s Online Courts Hackathon. 

The Law Society 

Why the professional services industry is swiftly moving to the cloud 

As relatively early adopters of cloud technology, the professional services sector continues to flock towards software-as-a-service (SaaS) and hosted platforms. 

Legal Futures 

Ask an AI: What makes lawyers ‘professional’? 

AI has the potential to augment our ability to deliver affordable, quality, professional services. Does it also have the potential to leave you out of a job? An AI could make legal decisions, but what about ethical decisions? 

The Law Society 

Eclipse announces ‘Compact’ – the new case and practice management software solution for small law firms 

Eclipse Legal Systems – the UK’s leading legal software provider – has announced the launch of Eclipse Compact, a new solution designed to cater for the needs of small law firms. 

Legal Futures 


Companies at risk over lack of trade secret protection 

Companies need to put in place measures to protect trade secrets as innovation drives the economy.

Global Legal Post 

Growing your client base: content is king 

Alex Heshmaty, legal writer, explains what content marketing is, and how law firms can use it to grow their client base and build a rapport 

The Law Society 


The language we use to talk about mental health 

Sue Baker, director of Time to Change, discusses the language used when talking about mental health 

Law Care