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  • patrick-allen-600x400

    Take on trust


    In 2018, Hodge Jones  Allen became the first law firm in England and Wales to transfer its entire business into an employee ownership trust. Patrick Allen looks at how and why they switched, and how to decide if it could work for your firm

  • Mark Briegal

    Scale model


    Law firms outside the top 50 are the new ‘squeezed middle’. The burden of regulation is increasing, key practice areas are being commoditised, and closing is complicated and expensive. That’s where consolidators can come in. Mark Briegal and Nigel Haddon explain 

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    Growing pains


    No form of growth is easy, but in a competitive market, no firm can afford to rest on its laurels. Mark Briegal and Howard Hackney look at the pros and cons of the three main ways of growing your firm: merger, acquisition, and organic growth

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    Outside voice


    External investment is increasingly common in the legal sector, and for all sizes of firm. But is it for you? Tom Blandford helps you decide

  • Robert Postlethwaite

    Share and share alike


    Involving employees in the ownership of a business can improve performance, motivate your people, promote team spirit and cohesion, and support succession planning. Robert Postlethwaite looks at the options for law firms

  • Ed Whittington

    Moore is more


    Diana Bentley talks to Moore Blatch managing partner Ed Whittington about the firm’s strategy for growth

  • mark waddilove 140x96

    Taking shape


    Getting your business structure right will help you with everything from achieving your goals and attracting external investment, to inspiring your people and planning for succession. Mark Waddilove outlines how to make the bests decision for your business

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    Heart of the matter


    If you are looking to merge or be acquired, you need to understand your firm’s value, and maximise it by effective planning and due diligence. Grania Langdon-Down talks to the experts

  • ann harrison 140x96

    In the Manager's Chair: Spinning plates


    Duncan Wood talks to Ann Harrison , chairwoman of Stephensons and member of the Law Management Section committee, about juggling multiple roles, presiding over a period of impressive organic growth, and making plans for the future

  • christina blacklaws 1000x1000

    Ringing the changes


    In conversation with Elizabeth Noone , Christina Blacklaws  reflects on her new role as deputy vice president of the Law Society, and discusses effective leadership and pressing issues for the profession

  • darryl cooke 140x96

    Gunning for success


    With a distinguished career as a law firm partner behind him, Darryl Cooke co-founded a law firm, gunnercooke, on an innovative new model. He explains to Duncan Wood how the firm is challenging the way that legal services are delivered 

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    Taking shape


    Patricia Kinahan and Andrew Allen discuss the relative merits of an LLP and a limited company – or both – as trading structures for law firms, and how to make the best decision for your business

  • Careers maze

    How can a law firm spread the cost of shareholder exit tax efficiently?


    Andy Poole and Nigel Holmes provide an overview of a common issue with the limited company structure and how to overcome it

  • Structures

    Limited appeal


    In the second of our series on law firm structures, Andrew Allen takes a look at the potential benefits and drawbacks of using a limited company as your core trading structure

  • Shape-of-things

    The shape of things


    Law firm partnership structures have been under scrutiny in recent years, with some predicting their death knell. Aster Crawshaw looks at their role now, and how to choose between structural options to ensure the best result for your business

  • Merger

    Joining forces


    Mark Jones provides his 10 top tips for successful mergers, from planning through to integration, to ensure your mergers go smoothly so you can reap the benefits

  • Howard Sears

    Seven-year itch


    Seven years after the Legal Services Act, alternative business structures are now a common feature of the market, but the application process can be a daunting prospect. Howard Sears gives us the lowdown on how and why and how to make the change

  • Limited edition image

    Limited edition


    The changes which came into force on 6 April 2014 represented a fundamental change to LLP taxation, for both individual partners and firms. Jon Cartwright looks back at how we got here, and what law firms need to do now

  • Andrew Allen

    Life partners


    Andrew Allen discusses the impact on law firms of the partnership changes announced in the autumn statement, including to the self-employment status of LLP members, and to the operation of ‘mixed partnerships’

  • Patricia Wheatley Burt

    Back to Basics: Exit strategies


    Mergers, acquisitions and law firm closures are at unprecedented levels, given the strategic changes that have taken and continue to take place in the legal industry. So, what steps should you take if you’re considering winding up your law firm?