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  • Partnership - a lawyer and her client setting out along a road towards signposts

    Setting off

    5 December 2018 By Rachel Brushfield

    How can conveyancing solicitors turn one-off property transactions into fruitful, long-term relationships for their firm? Rachel Brushfield provides a beginner’s guide to cross-referring between practice areas

  • Leaving the EU - Property

    Life after leave

    5 September 2018 By Paresh Raja

    With Brexit now only six months away, investor sentiment remains positive, but there are broader challenges in the market which need to be resolved, from access to finance to housing supply. Paresh Raja explains

  • Tower blocks made of bank notes blowing away

    High street lows

    6 June 2018 By Ambuja Bose, Georgina Eason

    Every week seems to bring news of another major retail chain in financial crisis. Ambuja Bose and Georgina Eason look at the practical impact on commercial landlords of having an insolvent or potentially insolvent tenant

  • common sense140x96

    Common sense?

    6 March 2018 By James Driscoll

    The government’s recent announcement about setting ground rents for new leasehold houses and flats to zero may make commonhold a more attractive prospect than it has ever been since its commencement in 2004. James Driscoll explains.

  • get your house in order390234

    Put your house in order

    11 January 2018 By Peter Rodd

    In a volatile market, it may be hard to find time to address practice management, but, says Peter Rodd, you can’t afford not to. Are you eally working as efficiently and profitably as you can be? And if not, what can you do about it?

  • people riding a pig 1000x1000

    In the family

    6 September 2017 Updated: 6 September 2017 By Jo Edwards, Jamie Gaw, Anna Jassani

    The ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is now one of the top 10 mortgage lenders. So how should you advise clients receiving funds from family, and when should you advise them to consult a family lawyer? Jo Edwards , Jamie Gaw and Anna Jassani explain.

  • man stealing building

    Fighting words

    9 June 2017 By Maria Shahid

    The ripples are still being felt from the recent cases of Purrunsing, P&P and Dreamvar. How are law firms responding, especially in the current limbo before the P&P and Dreamvar appeals? Maria Shahid investigates

  • Peter Rodd

    Be prepared

    7 March 2017 By Peter Rodd

    The Property Section will be running a series of seminars on fraud and cybercrime this spring. Peter Rodd looks at the challenges facing conveyancers, and the steps you need to take to protect yourself now and in the future

  • mans head looking over a wall

    Great minds

    12 December 2016 By Lucy Trevelyan

    Lucy Trevelyan examines the personality traits and ‘soft skills’ best suited to being a property law professional, how to develop these skills, and what clients are looking for from their property solicitor

  • bus being driven

    Right away

    7 September 2016 By Matthew White

    Matthew White examines the new power to override easements and other rights under section 203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016

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