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Standstill agreements

Standstill agreements are used as an agreement between the claimant and the defendant to suspend or extend the limitation period in a potential civil action while they negotiate prior to the start of proceedings. 

This type of agreement is mentioned briefly in Halsbury’s Laws, vol. 68 (2021), para. 1007. The text refers to cases that have used these agreements, James Carleton Seventh Earl of Malmesbury v Strutt and Parker [2008] EWHC 424 (QB) and Nomura International plc v Granada Group Ltd [2007] EWHC 642 (Comm).  

A precedent can be found in:  

Atkins Court Forms, vol. 25 (1), Limitation of Action (2019) 

  • Form 1: Agreement to extend limitation period.

Last updated March 2022


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