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Best of the web – February 2018

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This month’s round-up of best practice management comment, features, and news from across the web includes articles on financial management at law firms, motivation at work, owning up to workplace mistakes, business development, innovation and more.

Law firms face new financial management challenges 

The legal sector is increasingly focused on financial management. 

The Law Socierty Gazette

What drives trust and intrinsic motivation at work?

Susanne Jacobs outlines a new model for creating an environment that works with – rather than against – our neurological make-up. 

CIPD - People Management

Document sharing in the modern law firm

Gone are the days of lawyers trying to carry heavy briefcases and large folders full of documents. Technology has enabled lawyers and their clients to share and collaborate across multiple documents with single handheld devices such as tablets or laptops. 

Legal Futures 

Owning up to mistakes – what is the right thing to do?

Mistakes happen. Everybody – even lawyers at the top firms – make mistakes. 

The Law Society blog 

I wanted to be a lawyer, not a sales rep: 4 steps to tackle business development

If you’re not bringing in new work (or at least sowing the seeds to make sure you have a pipeline of future work), your firm/department / practice’s commercial future isn’t going to be as bright as you’d like it to be. Business development is rarely as high up on the priority list as it should be because there’s not enough time, it’s not your job, there are too many other things to do. 

The Law Society blog 

Harvard law students develop AI contract search engine

Harvard law students have developed a legal search engine tool, described as ‘Google for legal contracts’

The Global Legal Post

Role reversal: Linklaters launches scheme which sees junior lawyers mentor senior partners 

Linklaters is set to trial a new scheme where some of the global outfit’s most senior partners receieve mentoring from its most junior lawyers. 

Legal Cheek 

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