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Law Management Section


Members get free access to four one-hour webinars per year, and discounted entry to our flagship annual conference in May, and to other Section and Law Society events

As a Section member, you're entitled to four webinars as part of your membership, available live and on-demand

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Inclusive Webinar: Client care, communication and complaints (OnDemand)

Find out how to improve client care and avoid complaints. 

data protection

Inclusive webinar: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): are you prepared? (on demand)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on May 2018. Join this webinar to benefit from a balanced understanding of the GDPR, which will help you to identify the greatest risks to your organisation and how to focus on addressing them.

All Inclusive Section webinars

Discounted webinars

Webinar: Data protection for support staff 2018 (OnDemand)

Participants will benefit frompractical insights on what needs to be done to prepare all levels of staff for the GDPR

Webinar: SRA Accounts Rules Update 2018 (OnDemand)

This session is designed to provide an insight into the SRA Accounts Rules as they currently stand.

Webinar: Employment law update 2017 (OnDemand)

This  will create significant changes to the way personal data is handled and consent is obtained, with larger  fines. The Taylor review has also cast a spot light on the gig economy and atypical workers which together with Brexit need to be monitored.


Webinar: Managing risk in property transactions (OnDemand)

This webinar will identify where the risks lie,  and provide practical strategies to combat this growing area of risk, protecting both clients and the firm from costly and time consuming disputes as well as reputational damage.>

Benefits of Membership*

Law Management Section renewals

The Law Management Section will provide you with support, advice, networking opportunities and enable the sharing of best practice with peers.

The current Section Engagement Programme has been created in consultation with the Section Committee and will focus on key issues including:

  • Practice Management
  • Talent Management
  • Financial Management
  • Staffing Models
  • IT
  • Client Focus
  • Cyber Security

These issues will be addressed through a range of activities including: Webinars, Magazines, Regional Forums, Seminars, a Conference, Website, E-newsletters and a LinkedIn Group.

*See Section terms and conditions

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