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  • rules written in a book 390x234

    95th and 96th CPR updates: what's new?

    Feature 12 April 2018

    The 95th and 96th updates to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) recently came into force. Cait Sweeney looks at the headline changes.

  • scales of justice

    The 92nd CPR update: what's new?

    Feature 2 October 2017

    The 92nd update to the Civil Procedure Rules came into force on 1 October 2017. The update makes several changes to the court’s case management powers and detailed assessment proceedings.

  • pile of coins clock

    Case note: Shackleton and Associates v Al Shamsi [2017] EWHC 304 (Comm)

    Analysis 6 April 2017

    In this case, Mr Justice Teare considered whether the claimant company providing legal services could recover costs for the time spent on the litigation by its sole shareholder, a solicitor advocate.

  • rules written in a book 390x234

    CPR 88th update: what's new?

    Feature 30 March 2017

    The 88th update to the Civil Procedure Rules (SI 2017/95) makes several important changes which will all come into force by 6 April. Cait Sweeney looks at the pivotal developments.

  • Law books

    86th update to the CPR now in force - what's new?

    Analysis 4 October 2016

    The 86th update to the Civil Procedure Rules has been published, coming into effect on 3 October 2016. Cait Sweeney guides you through the key change you need to know about - the replacement of existing CPR 52 (appeals) with a new part 52.

  • Cait Sweeney NEW

    Hayward v Zurich Insurance Company plc [2016] UKSC 48

    Analysis 19 September 2016

    Supreme Court holds that a settlement may be set aside for fraud even if fraud is suspected

  • Cait Sweeney NEW

    Vilca v Xstrata [2016] EWHC 1824 (QB)

    Analysis 19 September 2016

    The High Court has held that it has the power to order a party to appoint a separate law firm to conduct an independent re-review of its disclosure on strong grounds, although it chose not to in this case

  • Cait Sweeney NEW

    Webb Resolutions Ltd v Countrywide Surveyors Ltd [2016] Ch Div (4 May 2016)

    Analysis 13 June 2016

    The court has held a claimant liable for a defendant’s costs of and incidental to an abandoned professional negligence claim, even though the claim form had not been served - good news for defendants aiming to recover costs incurred pre-action?

  • Cait Sweeney NEW

    Massar [2016] ECJ C-460/14; Buyuktipi [2016] ECJ C-5/15

    Analysis 31 May 2016

    The ECJ has provided guidance on the proper construction of ‘inquiry’ in article 4(1) of Council Directive 87/344/EEC relating to insureds’ right to choose a lawyer under a legal expenses insurance policy

  • Cait Sweeney NEW

    Mendes v Hochtief (UK) Construction Ltd [2016] EWHC 976 (QB)

    Analysis 17 May 2016

    Mr Justice Coulson has ruled that a claimant could recover trial advocacy fees under CPR 45 when a claim settled on the day of the hearing, before the trial was heard

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