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Best of the web – June 2018

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This month’s round-up of best practice management comment, features, and news from across the web includes articles on new technology, workplace culture and mental health.

Future-proofing your firm

The annual Law Management Section conference looked at how law firms must face up to the future – or fall behind.

The Law Society Gazette

Paternity leave discouraged by law firm culture

Researchers in Finland and Canada find the ethos and culture of law firms discourage male lawyers from taking paternity leave, maintaining gender inequality.

Global Legal Post

What do we need? A lawyer-data scientist hybrid

Exploiting data to gain a competitive advantage is nothing new. Sooraj Shah looks at the trends among the Big Four and law firms when it comes to hiring in the latest data must have.

Legal IT Insider

Men are more likely to cheat on their business expense reports than women

A new survey on expense report fraud has found that cheating levels are much higher among men, younger employees, managers and white-collar mid-level employees, and companies using manual reporting procedures.


Technology will revolutionise the practice of law ‘within a generation’, the Chancellor of the High Court said.


Deploying technology in your law firm: capitalise on your smart investment

After a law firm has identified a new solution for their practice, the next crucial step is getting the implementation process right. Preparation can reduce risk.

LexisNexis: Future of Law

Need to ‘address mental health’ in the workplace

The Mental Health Foundation has released a study, which shows that 74 per cent of adults have felt overwhelmed and unable to cope at some point in the past year.

LexisNexis: Future of Law

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