Please give us 15 minutes of your time to updating the Career Progression Report survey.

We are looking to gain a much needed snapshot of the profession, through this latest report. As we know the Annual Statistics have a limited reach into the real goings-on of the profession and this in-depth research that includes lawyers with disabilities, LGBT lawyers and others.

The more data we get the more insightful our research will be, and so we urge you to send the links on to everyone working in the legal sector; we have versions of the survey for the UK, US and EU.

Below is the link to the questionnaire for to you to complete, it will take no more than 15 minutes: Career Progression Report Survey - UK

If you have any questions please email the InterLaw Diversity Forum

Background of the Career Progression Report

In July 2012, the InterLaw Diversity Forum published a ground-breaking report covering all strands of diversity and inclusion in the UK legal sector. The report combined hard data with individuals’ perceptions of their own career progression and the operation of policies and practices in the legal sector. The goal of the exercise was to pinpoint the exact problems facing these diverse groups and provide recommendations that address and ultimately solve them. The 2012 Career Progression Report can be found here.

Updating the Career Progression Report

Your participation in the project is vital, as it will allow the most comprehensive data to be collected to help determine whether progress in workplace advancement has been made in the legal sector since the 2012 Career Progression Report. It will also help to determine the best ways to effect cultural change in the legal sector.