When: 12/02/2015, 18.00 - 20.00

This talk forms part of the International Human Rights Practice series. The course will focus on the latest developments and emerging issues in European and international human rights practice: themes and systems, law and practice. It has been devised as a collaboration between Middlesex University School of Law, Matrix Chambers and The Law Society.

The session aims at exploring the incorporation of women’s human rights and the concept of gender equality, within the political and normative agenda of the United Nations. The first part of the session will examine relevant international human rights standards and jurisprudence regarding women’s rights in times of peace and conflict. The second part of the session will evaluate the impact of the United Nations Universal Periodic Review, operative since 2008, in facilitating the debate about gender and sexual orientation in intergovernmental fora. Special attention will be paid to the approach of the United Kingdom and other European Union States in setting and advancing global standards for gender equality. The session is ultimately designed to provide participants with working knowledge of the tools and insights into the added value and impact of United Nations actions in the quest for gender based equality.


When: 12/02/2015, 18.00 - 20.00


  • Dr. Elvira Dominguez Redondo, Middlesex University
  • Professor Christine Chinkin, Matrix Chambers and The London School of Economics and Political Science

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