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Grania Langdon-Down

Grania Langdon-Down

Grania Langdon-Down is a freelance journalist

Recent stories

  • Compete - climbing towards flag at top of mountain

    Onwards and upwards

    9 April 2019

    Accountancy firms of all sizes are looking to build up their legal offerings. But will this challenge mid-sized law firms, or drive new ways of working together? And what effect will proposed regulatory changes have? Grania Langdon-Down investigates

  • Robot hand drawing a graph - legal tech

    Shock of the new

    6 November 2018

    The business of death is changing, as technology alters the way people are living their lives. How long before blockchain technology, e-signatures and chatbots become common on the private client stage? What else is waiting in the wings? Grania Langdon-Down investigates

  • man stealing jars of probate

    A run for your money?

    18 July 2016

    Grania Langdon-Down explores competition in the probate market

  • Heart of the matter

    8 November 2016

  • On the up

    10 October 2017

  • Exit polls

    2 October 2018

  • Under cover

    15 February 2015

  • ABS case study: BT

    4 November 2014Updated: 19 March 2015

  • The alternative lifestyle

    4 November 2014Updated: 19 March 2015

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