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Grania Langdon-Down

Grania Langdon-Down

Grania Langdon-Down is a freelance journalist

Recent stories

  • on the up

    On the up

    10 October 2017

    The take-up of apprenticeships in law firms has been cautious, but the concept is now starting to gain traction. Grania Langdon-Down speaks to firms about the practicalities, benefits and challenges of taking on apprentices. 

  • jigsaw heart being pulled away by a hand

    Heart of the matter

    8 November 2016

    If you are looking to merge or be acquired, you need to understand your firm’s value, and maximise it by effective planning and due diligence. Grania Langdon-Down talks to the experts

  • Telephone

    ABS case study: BT

    1 July 2015

    BT’s legal team became an ABS in March 2013. Chief counsel Archana Makol, in conversation with Grania Langdon-Down, explains why they made the decision, and the new subsidiary’s strategy.

  • Emergency exit

    3 November 2015

  • Banking on it

    21 September 2016

  • Manning of the hour

    7 May 2014Updated: 15 October 2014

  • Under cover

    15 February 2015

  • ABS case study: BT

    4 November 2014Updated: 19 March 2015

  • ABS case study: HB Public Law

    4 November 2014Updated: 19 March 2015

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