On 2 November, we held an online roundtable for the CMA to speak on the CMA’s approach to labour markets, competition rules and employer responsibility.

The following topics were addressed:

  • the CMA’s interest in labour markets
  • how the CMA operates
  • rewards/leniency
  • guidance in the area of labour markets
  • restrictive covenants
  • transparency and competition law
  • collective agreements and competition

We are very grateful to Daniel Rawling, director in the cartel enforcement team at the CMA, for providing his presentation and to Nick Denys, policy adviser at the Law Society, for chairing the event.

Following this event, the CMA has published a report, Competition and market power in UK labour markets.  This is the first report from the CMA’s Microeconomics Unit, a centre for research on competition, innovation and productivity.  You can read the press release here and the full report here.The CMA’s Chief Executive Sarah Cardell gave a speech about the report today at Durham University, you can read her speech here.