The Law Society condemns the fatal attack at a Pakistani court on Monday and extends its condolences to members of the legal profession who were affected.

Eleven people were killed and 24 injured when unknown men, armed with guns and bomb vests, attacked an Islamabad district court on Monday morning.

The attackers reportedly hurled hand grenades at lawyers’ chambers and fired on staff, killing district judge Rafaqat Ahmed Awan. More people were injured in the stampede as the building was evacuated.

Reports suggest that the attackers were targeting the chamber of additional session judge Naveed Khan, where a sensitive case was being heard, though Justice Khan and his staff were unharmed in the attack.

Professor Sara Chandler, chair of the Law Society’s Human Rights Committee, urged the Pakistani government to undertake a thorough investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.

‘An attack on the legal profession is an assault on the provision of justice and cannot be ignored,’ she said.

’Solicitors and judges have the right to practice in their local courts without danger, and members of the public should be able to access those courts safely.

‘When these conditions are not met, as occurred in Islamabad, the rule of law is affected. We extend our condolences to members of the legal profession - and of the public - affected by this awful attack.’