Michelle Garlick

Michelle Garlick

Michelle Garlick is a partner at Weightmans LLP and heads up its Compl-i team, advising law firms on regulation, compliance, risk management and complaints handling

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    Compliance in a crisis


    Michelle Garlick considers the role of the COLP in managing the risks the pandemic brings.

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    Good compliance: how to avoid client complaints


    Michelle Garlick offers a quick guide for litigators on how to avoid complaints, focusing on what good compliance and client care look like.

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    Connecting the dots


    Conflicts of interest can arise when solicitors act for clients to whom they are connected. Michelle Garlick looks at the statutory guidance on these tricky situations, and what solicitors should do when faced with them

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    The flip side


    It can sometimes feel as though the regulatory obligations imposed upon lawyers only continue to grow. But, as Michelle Garlick and Joanne Smith assert, active compliance can also bring a raft of benefits to your firm