Julie Harrison

Julie Harrison

Julie Harrison is founder of Julie Harrison Consulting, which specialises in change and organisational development

  • keys

    Creating a ‘great place to work’: the key to talent attraction and retention


    Creating ‘a great place to work’ is a key element of talent attraction and retention. Julie Harrison explains the challenges and provides a taster of her session at the LMS annual conference on 27 April

  • Culture club

    Culture club


    In challenging times, law firms need to keep changing to keep pace, and that means having an appropriate strategy. But what fewer firms consider is whether their culture supports – or undermines – those efforts, and what they can do to make their culture work for them. Julie Harrison explains

  • New Leaf

    The front line


    In today’s volatile environment, being able to cope with shifts in the market and adapting your firm to stay ahead will be key to success. Julie Harrison explains