Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert is a business content assistant at the Law Society

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    Eye on the prize


    Joan Scott speaks to Dan Gilbert about the challenges she has faced in her career, and how she set up a staff network from scratch

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    Opening up


    Managing your mental health in a demanding work environment can be incredibly challenging. For Mental Health Awareness Week, three solicitors open up to Dan Gilbert about their experiences with stress, pressure and mental ill health in private practice

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    In a bind


    Daphne Franks has campaigned to change the law since she lost her mother, who had dementia, to a predatory marriage. At one point, she struggled to get people to listen. Now, her campaigning will likely shape the legal future of wills and weddings in England and Wales. She spoke to ...

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    Delivery service


    Dan Gilbert recaps a plenary led by Stephen Burgess from HMCTS, who provided an overview of the current state of the delivery of the probate service

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    A taxing year


    Dan Gilbert recaps a plenary delivered by Michael Sherry of Temple Tax Chambers, who covered the most important capital tax updates over the last 12 months and provided expert analysis of some interesting cases

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    Blazing the trail


    Dan Gilbert speaks to Gary Gallen, founder and CEO of Rradar, about his career as a litigator and his journey to founding a highly successful legal business

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    Changing the game


    Dan Gilbert sits down with Salome Coker and explores why she identifies herself as ‘the creative lawyer’, discovering how she balances her work as an artist with the demands of her legal career