Chetna Bhatt

Chetna Bhatt

Chetna is a qualified executive coach, part time employment lawyer and speaker. As co-founder and CEO of Being Lawyers, Chetna trains and coaches lawyers on a new understanding of the mind to help them increase their mental clarity so that they can fulfill their potential without compromising their wellbeing. Having herself recovered fully from a chronic illness with this understanding, she is committed to transforming the wellbeing of the legal profession. Chetna has spoken at events including the Junior Lawyers Division annual conference, Women Economic Forum and Health and Wellbeing at Work.

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    Enhancing wellbeing in law: a bottom line issue


    Chetna Bhatt, one of the speakers at our 2019 people in practice conference , considers the link between wellbeing and the bottom line – and why a fresh perspective is needed to make a strong business case for the wellbeing agenda.