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    Hard cash


    Law firms often focus on profits, but cashflow is far more important to the success of your firm, says Barry Wilkinson . But what are the key causes of cashflow difficulties, how can you tackle them, and how can you avoid them in future?

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    Choice morsels


    Barry Wilkinson reviews a recent book on how to become the firm of choice, which takes the innovative approach of presenting its lessons through a case study of a firm wanting to make radical change

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    To the purpose


    Do you know what your firm’s purpose is? How about your own? Do they match? Could your or your firm’s purpose be holding you back? Barry Wilkinson argues for the central role of purpose in competing, and ensuring your survival, in the current marketplace

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    Crunch time


    Recent media reports of firms punishing fee-earners for not effectively recording their time have raised questions of why time capture is so important for law firms. Barry Wilkinson argues the case

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    Book review - Remaking Law Firms: Why & How


    Remaking Law Firms: Why How  (by George Beaton and Imme Kaschner) provides a very valuable foretaste of what is to come - don’t say you weren’t warned, says Barry Wilkinson

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    Hero of our time


    In an increasingly competitive market, legal businesses need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. One option, especially for high street and full-service firms, is to aim to become a ‘local hero’ business. Barry Wilkinson explains

  • Andrew Otterburn

    Webinar: Survive and thrive - growing your law firm in a competitive market


    In one of the four webinars inclusive in 2015 Law Management Section membership, Andrew Otterburn and Barry Wilkinson  provide practical guidance for sustaining and growing your business

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    Book review: LinkedIn for Lawyers – Developing a Profile to Grow Your Practice


    Can LinkedIn help lawyers improve their practice in an efficient and cost effective way, or is it a time-consuming luxury? Barry Wilkinson reviews LinkedIn for Lawyers - Developing a Profile to Grow Your Practice (by Emily Miller and Kirsten Hodgson) and offers his verdict

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    Full steam ahead


    A new Law Society report predicts what the future might look like for the legal sector. Three members of the Law Management Section committee outline their own approaches to future-proofing your firm in an uncertain market

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    Fund of information


    Lending to law firms has changed significantly in recent years, from the old traditional funding market, to a ‘new norm’ with a more sophisticated range of products to suit different parts of the sector. Barry Wilkinson investigates.