Alex Ruck Keene

Alex Ruck Keene

Alex Ruck Keene is a barrister at 39 Essex Street

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    Year of decision


    Anna Bicarregui and Alex Ruck Keene review the most important cases of the past year relating to the assessment of mental capacity, and to the consequences of being found to lack capacity both inside the Court of Protection and at common law

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    Drawing the line


    A recent case shed light on the jurisdiction of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 when a person has capacity but is still vulnerable. Falling on one side of this line or the other can have significant consequences, argue Mungo Wenban-Smith and Alex Ruck Keene

  • Freedom Flight

    Freedom flight


    A recent Supreme Court decision on deprivation of liberty will have far-reaching practical implications and is likely to lead to a very significant increase in the number of applications to the Court of Protection for authorisation, writes Alex Ruck Keene