Features and Opinion

  • Zulon Begum

    Raising your game


    From partner capital calls to public listing, there are many options for law firms looking to raise capital for growth and investment. Zulon Begum looks at the challenges and benefits of each approach

  • Rosy Rourke

    Be prepared


    The new SRA Accounts Rules will come into force on 25 November 2019. Rosy Rourke  of Armstrong Watson outlines the changes, and what law firms should be doing now to prepare

  • Andy Harris

    A sneak preview


    The 2019 Law Management Section Financial Benchmarking Survey will be published very soon. In the meantime, Andy Harris , lead author of the report, gives a sneak peek at some of the key findings

  • Data - woman holding a phone connecting to a chain of information blocks

    Information is power


    The idea of being a data-driven business can sound intimidating – something best left to PhD statisticians and data scientists. But monitoring data at your firm doesn’t need to be difficult, and it can bring real benefits. Derek Fitzpatrick explains

  • Barry Wilkinson

    Hard cash


    Law firms often focus on profits, but cashflow is far more important to the success of your firm, says Barry Wilkinson . But what are the key causes of cashflow difficulties, how can you tackle them, and how can you avoid them in future?

  • social media icons

    Podcast: Social media, data protection and cybersecurity best practice


    It can be a struggle to understand the nature of social media. The top 10 law firms in the UK think that cyber threats are a major concern when using social media platforms.

  • Sally Azarmi

    Share and share alike


    New coworking and shared workspaces are popping up all over England and Wales. But can they work for law firms? Sally Azarmi outlines the benefits she’s found since she started coworking

  • Piggy bank

    How to find your ideal banking partner and make the move


    With the RBS Business Banking Switch launching on 25 February, more firms than ever will be weighing up a move to a new bank. Sara Hutton explains what you need to consider.

  • Andrew Allen

    Blow-by-blow account


    Andrew Allen provides an overview of the changes to the SRA Accounts Rules, expected to come into force in April 2019. What are the challenges and opportunities, and what do firms need to do now to prepare?

  • Andrew Otterburn

    The road ahead


    Members of the Law Management Section committee led sessions at a roadshow this winter to highlight the opportunities and challenges in the year ahead for law firm financial advisers and finance directors. Andrew Otterburn reports back