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Competition Section

Seminar: FCA enforcement (7 November 2017)

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Mary Starks, director of Competition and Economics at the FCA will provide an overview of some of the FCA’s ongoing competition work. In particular, Mary will cover an update of recent competition law enforcement and retail banking work. Mary will also discuss with Dr Nicola Mazzarotto, global head of Economics, KPMG, the merits and complications of using competition remedies in both retail and wholesale markets.

What will be covered:

  • update on FCA’s planned policy paper on its approach to competition
  • market investigation reference of investment consultants
  • retail Banking Business competition work, including the recently launched Strategic Review of Retail Banking Business Models
  • update on competition law enforcement work

Why attend:

  • Find out more about the FCA’s competition activities.
  • Understand the difference between our competition work in retail and wholesale markets.


Mary Starks


  • Mary Starks, director of Competition and Economics at the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mary Starks is director of Competition and Economics, sharing the job with Deb Jones. Together they run the Competition and Economics division at FCA, now 130-strong, with a wide-ranging programme of competition casework underway.

Mary is also the FCA’s chief economist. Previously Mary was a senior director at the OFT, where she had worked since 2008. Among other things Mary was responsible for the OFT’s financial services work, and its change programme. She is an economist by background, and has previously worked at the New Zealand Commerce Commission, NERA Economic Consulting and the Bank of England.

  • Dr Nicola Mazzarotto, global head of Economics, KPMG.


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