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Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Nick Jarrett-Kerr ( is a member of global consultancy Edge International, a founding member of the Law Management Section, and a lecturer and author on law firm management

Recent stories

  • Jarrett

    Evolving for success

    14 May 2015

    In a healthy but changeable legal services market, firms cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Nick Jarrett-Kerr suggests 12 strategic projects for firms looking to get and stay ahead of the competition

  • Nick of time

    In the nick of time

    14 May 2013Updated: 18 October 2014

    The news is full of horror stories about law firms going under, but if firms act as soon as they find themselves in trouble – and even before – they could avoid becoming just another statistic. Nick Jarrett-Kerr gives his 12 top tips for financial recovery