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Lucy Trevelyan

Lucy Trevelyan

Lucy Trevelyan is a freelance journalist

Recent stories

  • mans head looking over a wall

    Great minds

    12 December 2016

    Lucy Trevelyan examines the personality traits and ‘soft skills’ best suited to being a property law professional, how to develop these skills, and what clients are looking for from their property solicitor

  • office space

    Moving with the times

    2 August 2016

    Lucy Trevelyan looks at recent trends in the use of office space in law firms and beyond – including agile working, shoring and activity-based working – and examines the drivers for change, plus the benefits and possible pitfalls

  • Money

    Good as gold

    22 September 2015

    How can solicitors ensure their clients get the best possible financial advice? Lucy Trevelyan looks at the options for partnering with financial advisers, and highlights two of the major potential issues: regulation and insurance

  • Much obliged

    10 February 2016

  • Much obliged

    29 March 2016

  • Spreading the word

    12 August 2014Updated: 15 October 2014

  • Here be Dragons

    14 May 2013Updated: 18 October 2014

  • Age old problem

    17 March 2015