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  • David Yeoward

    Easy does it

    15 February 2015 By David Yeoward

    Business development is a challenge for all law firms, but perhaps especially for the smaller firm. But, David Yeoward insists, it is not rocket science; just five simple steps will ensure you get it right for your business and your clients

  • Ben Stevenson

    On top of the world

    11 November 2014 By Ben Stevenson

    Doing business abroad, whether through referral networks or branch offices, may seem beyond the reach of smaller law firms. But, says Ben Stevenson, with the right strategy and support, it can be a great way to build your business

  • Rachel Miller

    Breaking news

    11 November 2014 By Rachel Miller

    E-newsletters can help law firms to stay in touch with clients and prospects, and build relationships – but only if they’re done well. Rachel Miller explains how to get it right, and avoid some of the common pitfalls

  • Sue Bramall

    Measure for measure

    7 May 2014 Updated: 15 October 2014 By Sue Bramall

    Knowing which marketing activities work best is key to efficient business development for law firms. Sue Bramall explains how to plan for and measure your marketing for maximum impact

  • Crossing the void image

    Crossing the void

    12 February 2014 Updated: 15 October 2014 By Sue Bramall

    Your law firm could reap rewards in everything from staff motivation to client ?satisfaction by implementing cross-selling initiatives. Sue Bramall outlines the five ?key building blocks to get started

  • Made for each other

    Made for each other?

    12 November 2013 Updated: 18 October 2014 By Diana Bentley

    Getting and keeping a corporate client is a lot like the dating game – you have to make your choice, get picked, and keep communicating and giving to keep the relationship going. Diana Bentley offers some tips for finding – and keeping – your perfect partner

  • Sue Bramall

    Who you know

    12 November 2013 Updated: 18 October 2014 By Sue Bramall

    Your client information is key to generating new business, but too few law firms harness this information effectively. Sue Bramall explains how to use client relationship management tools – from basic spreadsheets to bespoke solutions – to build your business

  • Insider Knowledge

    Insider knowledge

    12 November 2013 Updated: 18 October 2014 By Graeme Dixon

    Competitive intelligence can help you to avoid surprises, think several moves ahead of your rivals and minimise uncertainty when making business decisions. Graeme Dixon explains how you can set up a competitive intelligence function in your firm

  • Tim Saunders

    Pressed into service

    13 August 2013 Updated: 18 October 2014 By Tim Saunders

    Local papers can be a valuable source of publicity for law firms, at little cost. So how can you maximise the chances of exposure for you, your team and your firm? Tim Saunders explains

  • Sue Bramall

    Standing out

    14 May 2013 Updated: 18 October 2014 By Sue Bramall

    Excellence in client service is a vital tool in the battle for business against new entrants to the legal profession with big marketing budgets. However, it can only be achieved with strong leadership and participation at every stage of the client experience, says Sue Bramall