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  • Sue Bramall

    Conversion rate

    10 February 2016 By Sue Bramall

    Do you know which of your firm’s business development activities translate into the most high quality enquiries? How well do you convert those enquiries into instructions? Sue Bramall provides a beginner’s guide to maximising conversion

  • 14845 linkedin social media icon

    Growing your bottom line in 2016: Is LinkedIn worth YOUR time? Part 1

    7 December 2015 By Emily Miller, Susan Kench

    Emily Miller and Susan Kench explain how LinkedIn can help smaller law firms to generate and support the relationships that grow their client base

  • Fraser Hill

    Landing the big fish

    19 August 2015 By Fraser Hill

    Trying to win a big new client may seem like a no-brainer, but the bigger the client, the greater the risk. Fraser Hill explains how to decide when to go for that big pitch

  • Search engine

    Only connect

    4 August 2015 By Graham Jones

    Many law firms spend most of their online marketing budget on search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising. But Graham Jones advocates for a different approach, which could cost you nothing and generate far more business

  • David Gilroy

    Who do you know?

    14 May 2015 By David Gilroy

    David Gilroy explains how effective client relationship management can help you keep and win clients, and how to get it right in practice

  • Sue Bramall

    Your heart’s content

    15 February 2015 By Sue Bramall

    Gone are the days when the extent of a law firm’s content was contributions to academic journals and books. Good quality articles and multimedia content are now an essential business development tool. Sue Bramall explains

  • David Yeoward

    Easy does it

    15 February 2015 By David Yeoward

    Business development is a challenge for all law firms, but perhaps especially for the smaller firm. But, David Yeoward insists, it is not rocket science; just five simple steps will ensure you get it right for your business and your clients

  • Ben Stevenson

    On top of the world

    11 November 2014 By Ben Stevenson

    Doing business abroad, whether through referral networks or branch offices, may seem beyond the reach of smaller law firms. But, says Ben Stevenson, with the right strategy and support, it can be a great way to build your business

  • Rachel Miller

    Breaking news

    11 November 2014 By Rachel Miller

    E-newsletters can help law firms to stay in touch with clients and prospects, and build relationships – but only if they’re done well. Rachel Miller explains how to get it right, and avoid some of the common pitfalls

  • Sue Bramall

    Measure for measure

    7 May 2014 Updated: 15 October 2014 By Sue Bramall

    Knowing which marketing activities work best is key to efficient business development for law firms. Sue Bramall explains how to plan for and measure your marketing for maximum impact