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Vicky Ling

Vicky Ling is a management consultant specialising in the legal sector and is a member of the Law Consultancy Network. Her latest books with Fiona Westwood, the Complaints Handling Toolkit and Client Care Toolkit, are both published by the Law Society

Recent stories

  • vicky ling 140x96

    Only connect

    14 February 2017

    In the last edition of PS, Vicky Ling discussed the use of webcams in delivering legal services. Here, she speaks to Philip Goldberg , managing director of the newly-merged Minton Morrill solicitors in Leeds, on how the firm uses webcam technology in its Court of Protection practice

  • vicky ling 140x96

    Blue Skype thinking

    15 November 2016

    Internet-based services can deliver better quality at lower cost – and are suitable for a wider range of client groups than most lawyers think. Vicky Ling explains which groups can benefit and provides advice on setting up such a service