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Steve Ray

Steve Ray

Steve Ray ( is a director of the professional indemnity division of Howden UK Group Ltd.

Recent stories

  • Steve Ray

    Safe as houses

    10 June 2014Updated: 2 September 2014

    Conveyancing has traditionally been considered a high-risk area for complaints and insurance claims from both clients and lenders. Steve Ray explains how conveyancing firms can allay these concerns for the insurers and get the best out of this year’s renewal process

  • Patricia Wheatley Burt

    Back to Basics: Exit strategies 

    12 February 2014Updated: 15 October 2014

    Mergers, acquisitions and law firm closures are at unprecedented levels, given the strategic changes that have taken and continue to take place in the legal industry. So, what steps should you take if you’re considering winding up your law firm?

  • Steve Ray

    The best policy

    13 August 2013Updated: 18 October 2014

    Steve Ray looks at how to secure the best terms at the 2013 professional indemnity insurance renewal, and outlines the changes ahead, including the introduction of staggered renewal dates and the end of the assigned risks pool