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Peter Causton

Peter Causton is director of ProMediate, a board member of the Civil Mediation Council and member of the Law Society Civil Justice Committee

Recent stories

  • Mediation-dictionary-definition-image-colour

    ADR: new recommendations

    7 December 2018

    Peter Causton summarises the latest ADR recommendations from the Civil Justice Council’s report.

  • Crossing from 2018 to 2019

    2018 in review

    6 December 2018

    Section committee members Deborah Burke, Peter Causton and Rajinder Rai give their personal take on some of the key developments in civil litigation this year and share their predictions for 2019.

  • Shaking hands over desk

    Mediation – where do we go now?

    14 August 2018Updated: 15 August 2018

    Mediation continues to face challenges in its journey from an alternative to mainstream form of dispute resolution, not least being overshadowed by Brexit. Peter Causton rounds up the latest developments.