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Pearl Moses

Pearl Moses

Pearl Moses is the head of Risk and Compliance at the Law Society. The Law Society's Risk and Compliance Service offers a subscription member service as well as bespoke advisory solutions for legal businesses.

Recent stories

  • sorry sign

    Owning up to mistakes – what is the right thing to do?

    4 April 2018

    The Law Society held a symposium, ‘Owning up to Mistakes’ and during one of its workshop sessions Pearl Moses led a lively discussion on honesty, integrity and how to deal with mistakes when they inevitably happen. She offers her top tips here.

  • risk390x234

    Risk – your new best friend?

    8 December 2017

    With all the current regulatory challenges firms need risk registers now more than ever – but how many is enough? Pearl Moses discusses how you can make your risk register more holistic in order to manage uncertainty.

  • Pearl Moses

    Gift register

    10 October 2017

    A risk register may seem like just another regulatory requirement, but an effective one can help you not only identify and mitigate risks, but also reduce your insurance premiums, build client loyalty, and reduce complaints. Pearl Moses explains. 

  • Keep it clean

    6 September 2017

  • Handle with care

    7 September 2016

  • Officer politics

    12 August 2014Updated: 15 October 2014