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Mark Brownridge

Mark Brownridge

Mark Brownridge is research and development manager at Mazars Financial Planning (

Recent stories

  • Mark Brownridge

    Game plan

    20 January 2015

    Mark Brownridge outlines the recent major changes to pension legislation, and the importance of making the right decisions, both for your clients and for yourself as you near retirement

  • Mark Brownridge

    Trust issues

    18 November 2014

    Your firm’s referral arrangements with financial advisers could have a very significant effect – for good or bad – on your relationship with clients. Mark Brownridge looks how to find your ideal referral partner, and how due diligence can help

  • An expensive lesson image

    An expensive lesson

    16 July 2014Updated: 1 October 2014

    Recent years have seen private school and university fees rocket, and private client practitioners are more likely than ever to be asked by clients, whether parents or grandparents, for advice on tax-efficient fees planning. Mark Brownridge offers some tips