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Legal services in a data-driven world (27 September 2017, London)

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A one-day conference focusing on cybersecurity, digital regulation and the emerging technologies affecting the legal sector. 

The ever-evolving world of technological advances has changed the way we communicate and engage with clients, partners and employees. It is often said that data is the new oil that will fuel the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Big data, the ability to analyse large volumes of information and access machine learning skills are already transforming the legal sector. As a result, there is an increasing demand for ways of managing and gaining usable insight on the vast amount of information. 

This conference will give you key insights into:

• the nature of big data

• how big data could transform your business

• whether you should risk moving into the cloud

• legal and regulatory compliance issues of importance to you and your clients

• an understanding of where big data is going, hearing from leading technologists.

Delegates can also visit our live demo areas to watch a hacker in action, learn how your kettle may be spying on you and get hands on with some of the new technologies. 

This event is for: 

• Senior partners

• Associates

• Innovation and technology directors

• In-house practitioners

• Consultants applied to the legal profession

• Suppliers

• Litigators

• Specialists in data protection and cybersecurity

• Academics and law students


Law Management Section members receive a reduced booking rate on this event. 

Early booking fees apply on / before Friday 25 August 2017.

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