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Joe Reevy

Joe Reevy has been advising law firms on more cost-effective business development since he retired from partnership in 1998. He founded, which supplies b2c content for law firms, and, which automates content delivery and web-based business development. He is currently working on, an automated cross-selling tool for all ‘silo’ businesses

Recent stories

  • Pair of glasses in front of computer screen full of code

    Should we invest in AI? Priorities and threats to the high street firm

    23 November 2018

    Joe Reevy offers his personal perspective on why law firms need to keep their focus commercial and to avoid getting distracted by the next big thing.

  • joe reevy 140x94

    Piece of cake

    4 July 2017

    Many law firms focus far more on winning new clients – getting a bigger slice of the cake – than getting new business from existing clients – baking a bigger cake. Joe Reevy explains how to use customer relationship management to build an effective cross-selling process for your firm