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Ian Kelcey

Ian Kelcey

Ian Kelcey is a solicitor advocate and senior partner at Kelcey & Hall Solicitors and Advocates, a Law Society Council member, and a member of the Criminal Law Committee

Recent stories

  • Ian Kelcey

    Why the vulnerable witness training matters

    2 February 2017

    Ian Kelcey explains why all criminal solicitor advocates should undertake the Bar Council / Law Society’s vulnerable witness training for their own personal development, and to keep pace with their counterparts at the bar.

  • Ian Kelcey

    The Jeffrey Review: where do we go from here?

    29 May 2014Updated: 11 October 2014

    Ian Kelcey gives his personal take on the findings of the Jeffrey Review on criminal advocacy, including the growing divisions between advocates and the Bar, cuts to remuneration rates, and the need for a cohesive training framework.

  • Ian Kelcey

    A view from the middle

    6 March 2013Updated: 13 October 2014

    Ian Kelcey provides a personal response to Judge Jamie Tabor’s article, ‘A view from the boundary’, and calls for better support and mentoring for young advocates

  • Top tips in mitigation

    13 December 2012Updated: 13 October 2014