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Gordon Exall

Gordon Exall

Gordon Exall is a barrister at Zenith Chambers in Leeds. Gordon's practice focuses exclusively on personal injury, clinical negligence, limitation and civil procedure. He has an enormous depth of knowledge, having written a number of books and lectured frequently in these areas of law.

Recent stories

  • Gordon Exall

    My legal life: Gordon Exall

    8 August 2018

    In the second instalment of our new Q&A feature, Gordon Exall, barrister and author of the Civil Litigation Brief blog, shares his experiences and advice for civil litigation practitioners.

  • Gordon Exall

    The Mitchell criteria and the new CPR 3.9

    31 March 2014Updated: 17 October 2014

    The amended CPR 3.9 just isn’t working, says Gordon Exall