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Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen ( is a partner and head of the legal sector team at Francis Clark LLP

Recent stories

  • Andrew Allen

    Blow-by-blow account

    15 January 2019

    Andrew Allen provides an overview of the changes to the SRA Accounts Rules, expected to come into force in April 2019. What are the challenges and opportunities, and what do firms need to do now to prepare?

  • llp 1000x1000

    Taking shape

    6 May 2016

    Patricia Kinahan and Andrew Allen discuss the relative merits of an LLP and a limited company – or both – as trading structures for law firms, and how to make the best decision for your business

  • Andrew Allen

    Life partners

    12 February 2014Updated: 15 October 2014

    Andrew Allen discusses the impact on law firms of the partnership changes announced in the autumn statement, including to the self-employment status of LLP members, and to the operation of ‘mixed partnerships’

  • Limited appeal

    14 May 2015