The way in which lawyers work changes radically and it is these changes that pose new risks for law firms. 

Effective risk management is crucial for every law firm, especially once they begin to transition from a small firm to medium sized.

It’s at this point they’ll need to implement effective risk management strategies. However, many small firms are not able to fund good risk management, this in itself is a huge risk to their business. 

This webinar will talk about the main principle of risk management and how it’s the ultimate investment for any law firm.

This webinar will cover:

  • risk management plan
  • risk register
  • risk appetite
  • risk matrix
  • risk owners
  • risk categories
  • three lines of defence


Holy Heath, solicitor and compliance officer for legal practice at RDP Law

Holly joined RDP in March 2019 as an expert in SRA/FCA governance risk and compliance management, with a focus on supporting SME’s in development and growth through sound regulatory advice and guidance.

Holly has practiced within a number of areas of law including personal and commercial litigation, advocacy and insurance law. She has several cases to her name, the most notable being her role in the successful intervention in the Court of Appeal case regarding freedom of choice in insurance funded litigation. Since then, Holly has found her niche in governance risk and compliance.

Holly has extensive experience in working across the two regulatory disciplines of the SRA and FCA at markedly different stages in their evolution, in addition to being an experienced money laundering reporting officer.

Additionally, Holly is a consultant to the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives by writing and marking exam papers and conducting interviews with those on the verge of entering the profession as a qualified lawyer.